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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang & Ikan Bilis

Beachlover's post on Delimas Prawn Mee Soup has inspired me alot to give it a try on Delimas product sold by, an online Asian & Malaysian store that will ship worldwide.

Delimas used to be known as Tean's and they changed the name not long ago and their products has been selling like hotcakes.

When I placed my order with last month, the nice owner gave me some free gifts as my order was over USD$35. One of the them was Delimas Stir Fry Sauce, a hot and spicy sauce which resemble "sambal", a spicy condiment used especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, made with chili peppers and other ingredients, such as sugar or coconut.

Here is what I had the previous weekend - Nasi Lemak with Sambal Udang & Ikan Bilis.

Delimas Stir Fry Sauce

One big onion

Shelled & Deveined Prawn

In less than 15 minutes, my home-made Nasi Lemak with Sambal Udang & Ikan Bilis was ready to be served.

Since I had some leftover Delimas Stir Fry sauce which I kept frozen, I cooked Sambal Petai last weekend for lunch and dinner. Boy, the whole house stunk so bad and Robert was complaining non-stop saying it's the stinkest food he has ever smelled. All I can say to him was too bad his wife is a Malaysian.

Frozen Petai bought from the local vietnamese store.

Delimas Stir Fry sauce

My pile-up dirty dishes. Thank Godness to the inventor of washing machine!

Sambal Petai over a bed of hot steamed rice.

Finally, here are some pictures of my two lovely girls playing the bedroom.


Kak Lady said...

Cath...pandainya makan petai...tu semua dulu feveret kak lady...sekarang suka jugak...cuma kalau makan lebih macam terasa sengal2 plak badan...maklumlan dah veteran sekarang...hehehe...

Sambal petai & udang tu mengiurkan...cewah! nasib baik masuk blog cath tgh malam tau...

PrincessJournals said...

eh cath, u buat sambal petai aje w no udang? terer u ye? ;) i ni memang tak makan petailah until balik msia. lol!

U.Lee said...

Hi Cat, alamak oi! Kena torture la masuk your blog tengok your nasi lemak, ha ha. Now I have to ask my wife do for me.
Sure she enquire why suddenly I craving for it. Maybe pregnant? Ha ha.
Sambal petai. I can imagine your hubby wrinkling his nose, arhaa ha ha.
I remember those days flying from the East Coast at night on MAS and you sure know someone or people have had petai for dinner. I no need to continue here, ha ha as you sure know what I mean.
Petai? Like your hubby, I'll take a detour, but pass the nasi lemak, will you. Ha ha. Love your two kids, so cuddly cute la. UL.

PEARLY said...

hi cath sis lovely :
wow so clever gurl now huh nasi lemah now hahaha petai somemore mmmmyummy .

two lovely angel so gud gurl play by themself huh. there are really a beauty .... next time you have lot of fry noodle huh hehhehe

Ms eNVy said...

Cath sedapnya your nasi lemak sambal udang! nasib baik iman I kuat .. kalau tidak .. ehhh susah nak cakap hehehe .. nanti weekend ni I masak nasi lemak untuk buka puasa .. week days I terlalu busy .. anyways .. nanti I take photo and post it ..

On a different note, your girls are sure lovely! .. so nicely decorated the bedroom .. and so kemas :)

Sue said...

Wah..*drooling* i want the nasi lemak la...but u can give the petai a go..I must see if they sell the delimas here or not..cannot tahan..really the word sambal..

Kak Elle said...

cath I tak pernah sekali pun cuba petai the smell puts me off....hahaha

tu bilik si annabel ke?

Cat Cat said...

Kak Lady,
Cath kalau sambal petai, siap tambah nasi 3 kali. Itu kalau sambal petai. Kalau makan mentah, ulam-ulam, Cath kurang sikit. ;)


Udang out of stock, so masak sambal petai kosong aje. Hubby dok bising bau kuat... Too bad babe, kalau kahwin orang Malaysia. HAHAHA!


Uncle Lee,
Lugi ooooo Uncle Lee tarak makan petai. Itu bau jugak gua suka. Ha ha...


Sis Pearly,
Cath cincai juga masak Sis... All add together and goreng2 sikit, 5 minit - KAU TIM. :D

Cat Cat said...

Missy Envy,
Eh, tak sabar2 Cath nak tengok gambar nasi lemak Missy... Buat arrhhhh sambal sotong jugak ya...


You can order from online and they ship worldwide. I'm telling you, this Delimas "mo tak ting"... Ngam ngam cukup cukup pedas... Sedap babe.


Kak Elle,
Alamak Kak Elle... Betul ke Kak Elle tak pernah makan petai... Cath memang hantu petai... Ada Petai, Ada Cath... HAHA.

Yes Kak Elle, that's Annabel's bedroom. Pssst, kalau tengok betul2, ada gambar Amoi dalam last picture. To enlarge, click on the picture. Hehehe.

I Cook4Fun said...

Cat, you masak petai jugak :) :). Robert complain tak the bathroom smell funny :)What to do, kahwin orang Malaysia kena learn to tolerate the smell of our food. That is what I told Carlos jugak :)

zareda said...

cat cat
just ignore the bau came from the petai.. hehe think about the khasiat petai kan.. kan.. kan.. and of course lazatnya sambal petai.. perghhh..

beachlover said...

Cat!!your comment about Robert complaint whole day the house stink make me laugh so hard!!!!!now I have secret to share with you.Nest time b4 your cook your stick and funky smell food,cook Robert favourite food for him,to sumbat his mouth!!!So he won't complaint!!.I do that to my hubby too!!he like pizza,I make him pizza,he like paella,I cook for him paelle becoz tomorrow I'm going to eat DURIAN!!!hehehe!!just bought today on sale!

Puteri said...

Makes my mouth water, eh, your sambal petai Cath!! My house stinks all the time, hubby never complains .. he eats what I eat! Heheh.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

thanks for telling us about the products! after seeing the end result, perhaps i should give it a try!!

and everytime i look at your girls, i'll surely smile! :)


PEARLY said...

never mind wa .. this so call .....
MY HUBBY LOVE Petai he don't mind that much if I cook curry , if he say something I am just like you ... all LOOI is >>> Tiger women > hahahh
sori you have a women from malaysia hahah

Rita Ho said...

Cath ... great minds think alike. Wink-wink! I haven't tried petai without udang but your dish look delicious. I am thinking it is the sambal aroma that our husbands mind, not so much the petai beans. Petai doesn't smell until it comes out of our other lobang, right?

Cat Cat said...

Bathroom sudah 3 hari busuk oooooo. Hahaha.


Kak Zar,
Petai - khasiat & lazat, kan kan kan. :D


Itu hari, Cath cooked BIG T-Bone Steak for him. Complaint jugak... Ini mamat susah oooo mau tutup mulut dia...

Rita Ho said...

Cath ... forgot to ask earlier. Ada video clip of A&E? Both are so adorable, their banter and laughter would be lovely to hear. :)

Cat Cat said...

Eh, you lucky la - hubby eats what you eat. Ada secret mau share sama Cath..?? ;)


Try la... You will never regret. They have good products there.


Jangan main2 oooo... Ini Tiger Woman manyak garang oooo... HAHAHA!


I would say wise mind think alike. *wink wink back*
My hubby apa-apa yang I masak, he complaint... All Asian Food to him are stinky except S.A.T.A.Y.!!!! :)

Alamak Rita, your last sentence make me think "macam-macam"... HAHAHA! You are just way too funny. I like you. *wink wink again*

Cat Cat said...

I'm not good when come to video and upload it to the computer. Haven't figure it out how to do that. I'm sure it's simple but just didn't have time to play around. Will do it as soon as I had a chance. Thanks for the idea.

PEARLY said...

I know this tiger very very garang cos is the looi blood hhehehe
have a lovely day
do you have my e amil adress can I have your ?

Michelle said...

Cat. your 2 girls are so beautiful! I want to have a girl.. But only 2 boys.. I have a sneaky feeling if i try for the 3rd one, I will have a BOY again...

Cat Cat said...

What's your email address? I will give you a shout.


I saw the pictures of your two boys, Alex and Nicky. They are both very handsome oooooo. I wanted a boy and you, girl... Kita kahwin aje lah our anak and jadi in-laws.. Apamacam..??? HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

I masak all my Malaysian food from scratch. The ready made stuff does not taste good. I even brought home made belacan with me when I came back. Had to have home made sambal belacan every now and then. Even my white huband eats sambal balacan after he graduated from eating durian.

Anonymous said...

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- Norman

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